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Clocks are not only time tellers, they also provide decoration

For over six thousand years, mankind has acknowledged the importance of time. Time, as well as the tools that are used to measure its passing, has always been a part of our daily lives. Your common kitchen wall clock owes its existence to a long history of people assessing and tinkering with different devices in an effort to pinpoint the passing of time.

Today, clocks can be found in many different shapes and sizes. Technology has caught up with the technical and mechanical design of some clocks. Digital wall clocks, for example, are becoming a common sight in almost every 21st century home. Since the digital age is here, timepieces don't want to get left behind.

Some people, however, prefer antique wall clocks over the newer and contemporary wall clocks. This is because antique clocks are great collectibles and there are quite a number of people out there who love to collect antique timepieces. Antique clocks also have some decorative value. They can make your living room or whichever room you choose to put them in, look elegant and stylish. Wall clocks that are quite old may also serve as decorative wall clocks.

The black forest cuckoo clock, on the other hand, has its own decorative value. Having been invented in Schoenwald, Germany, in the heart of the Black Forest, in the middle of the 18th century, this type of handcrafted cuckoo clock was designed in the style of the houses in the Black Forest and was created of wooden parts. Many people collect this kind of clock because of its rich history and beautiful design.

Seth Thomas is an American clock company and is considered to be the oldest clockmaker in America. It has been around since 1813 - almost two hundred years. Seth Thomas clocks has achieved a reputation for manufacturing masterfully-crafted clocks, as well as a number of public tower clocks which are positioned all across the United States, including the clock found in the center of Grand Central Station in New York City.

An antique grandfather clock, however, is quite different from your typical clock. Also known as the long case clock or the floor clock, the grandfather clock has swinging pendulums and hourly chimes. An English clockmaker named William Clement first made this kind of clock in 1670. This clock typically stands at about six to eight feet high. The most distinctive characteristic of a grandfather clock is its swinging pendulum which is situated inside a long and narrow case. A chain that hangs near the pendulum is pulled to wind the mechanism powering the clock and the chime.

There are many good grandfather clock manufacturers. Howard Miller grandfather clocks, for instance, have great grandfather clock designs that complement your home furnishings. There are also Sligh grandfather clocks, which are highly considered to be clocks that will last and keep precise time. The Ridgeway grandfather clock, on the other hand, offers two design styles. There's the traditional design grandfather clock and the furniture accent grandfather clock. Whichever type of design you go with, you can be certain that you are getting top notch quality with Ridgeway clocks.