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Antique Wall Clocks Give Beauty to Your Room

Antique Wall ClocksThe earliest forms of clock that have been designed for household use are the ones we refer to nowadays as "antique wall clocks." Throughout the centuries, wall clocks have been made and developed in numerous styles and shapes.

In the 18th century, some of the first wall clocks ever made were the cartel clocks which featured Roman numerals on white dials. Figurines, gilt garlands and cherubs were situated around the clocks.

During the 19th century, cuckoo clocks were made, mostly in house-shape forms. In Austria, they inserted clocks into paintings, which were popularly known as "picture clocks". The most sought after antique clock in America during the 19th century was the Simon Willard's banjo clock. Mostly, the forms have evolved with weight and pendulums swung and dangled for everyone to see, just below the case of the wall clock. During this time, American banjo wall clocks had ornamentations including some clocks which were crowned with eagles whilst some had anchored boxes decorated with paintings of serene scenes. The most popular type of wall clock that was preferred by courthouses, churches and other public buildings was the gallery clock, which was like a dial without any casing beneath the face of the clock.

The school had their so called schoolhouse clock which is much the same as the gallery clock but with framing surrounding the dial, a short case below the face and with a small pane of glass which was just enough to reveal the pendulum found inside.

Other popular forms of clocks were the 'mirror clocks' which are very hard to find today because of their fragility. Another crowd favorite was the 'double dial' wall clock where the clock is divided into two sections. The upper section is filled with the clock giving the hours and minutes, whilst the lower section is filled with the hands pointing to the date, month or day of the week.

By the 20th century, many began to produce electrical wall clocks out of steel, plastic and chrome. With these new advanced digital wall clocks, a new and exciting way to attract customers was created. Some still have a passion for the classic wall clock which inspired the creation of these new modern wall clocks.

Classic wall clock collectors appreciate those classic wall clocks. They are amazed at how neatly they were hand crafted into a beautiful, useful tool for everyone. Without the classic wall clock to inspire the inventors of today, we would not have clocks at all!