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Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks are Handcrafted with Intricate Detail

Black Forest Cuckoo ClocksIt was between 1740 and 1750 that the first black forest cuckoo clock was created. They had hand painted shields with wooden gears. As the name suggests, these cuckoo clocks have black forest scenes painted on the wooden background. The themes usually used when making these unique clocks included hunting, death, family, love, mythology, birth and Christian religious scenes.

Like other types of clocks, these black forest clocks are made in different varieties and you have a wide of variety to choose from. Aside from the bird that goes 'cuckoo' every hour, the designs are crafted with such finest detail that you will be amazed at how they are created.

Looking at a cuckoo clock, you wonder how many days it took a craftsman to make these entire piece of beautiful artwork.

Long ago, the Black Forest (home of the cuckoo clock) people made handcrafted clocks in different styles, with rich carvings, during the long winter months. They had nothing to do except use their love of detail and invention and use their imagination and fine artistic skills to make handcrafted clocks. During the summer period, they would walk on journeys around Europe taking with them their handcrafted clocks which then became popular with the whole world.

Black forest clocks today are still handcrafted and although the craftsmen may use modern tools, they still create the fine detailing by hand and not by machine. That is what makes the black forest clock so special. It is made with the love of art and the effort used to make such fine items makes them more worth having.

Most people love placing black forest cuckoo clocks in a nursery where their newly arrived baby sleeps. The clock adds artistic comfort to the room, making it suitable for a baby room.

Other people place black forest clocks in living rooms with fireplaces. They make the room more beautiful which means that you'll love to spend most of your time there reading a book or talking to a friend. A few people place them in the kitchen too. A black forest clock designed with fruits all over makes it suitable for a kitchen setting.

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of styles to choose from, each one suitable for a themed room. Match them perfectly to a decorated room to make the setting more heart warming and comfortable.