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Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks - made for the young and old

Ridgeway Grandfather ClocksRidgeway clocks are one of America's oldest grandfather clock brands. Their grandfather clocks have been passed from one generation to another. They are heirlooms passed on through generations of a family.

Ridgeway offer two types of grandfather clocks. They have traditional grandfather clocks and accent clocks.

The Ridgeway traditional grandfather clock looks more antique. You are transported back to your childhood days just by looking at it. It takes you back to the past even when you hear the chimes of the traditional grandfather clock. The design of the traditional clock adds to its antique look, especially the antique painting created on it. The fine detailing of each masterpiece is so breathtaking that it takes you back to when you were small, to a place where you used to hear it chime and you ran to the dining area because it was supper time. Usually, because of its antique look, the clock is placed in the living room or in a lobby where many guests can see and admire it.

The Ridgeway accent grandfather clock is the modern version. It is mostly made from steel. The clock is usually located at the top and the body is made of thin steel. The steel is plain or is decorated with circles until it reaches the flat base. A few are also made of thick steel and some are made of wood with modern colors and designs. Some are designed with a vineyard floor clock allowing you to place wine bottles in each loop. Some clocks have aged silver finishing with chimes you can choose to your liking. There are also clocks with an automatic night silence which means that the grandfather clock will not bother you whilst you are sleeping.

Ridgeway accent grandfather clocks are of modern design, enabling you to place them anywhere, according to the theme of the room. Some are made with floral accents allowing you to place the clock near the balcony overlooking your garden. Some are designed with a facility allowing you to store utensils in them, so you can place them in the kitchen.

Whatever style you prefer, Ridgeway grandfather clocks provide many varieties to choose from.