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Sligh Grandfather Clocks are more than just the keepers of time

Sligh Grandfather ClocksGrandfather clocks made by Sligh are regarded as clocks that will last and keep accurate time. Mr. Charles Sligh, who is the founder, has developed his company from a small factory to a well developed company known for its reputation as a maker of quality clocks.

Throughout the years, Sligh have been known for their fine crafting and untiring attention to detail. This has become a tradition at Sligh. Generation after generation, their craftsmen have created the finest clock cabinetry. The artistic creativity and the finest detailing represents their craftsmen's love of art and their efforts to share their talents with the world.

Rest assured that the Sligh Company regards quality over quantity as most important. They want their consumers happy, giving them their money's worth when they purchase a grandfather clock made by the Sligh Company.

Reputation is of the essence when choosing a grandfather clock, which is why Sligh is a good choice.

Their grandfather clocks not only have comprise of excellent cabinetry but keep accurate time as well. They are sensitive to external movement. Their casing helps protect the pendulum from any motion which prevents it from being jolted which may cause inaccurate timekeeping.

The pendulum, which moves by weight, is responsible for timekeeping. There is also another weight which is responsible for the chimes made by the grandfather clock. Typically, grandfather clocks are wound once a week.

The fine detailing of each antique grandfather clock is the result of the love and effort of every craftsman. They have gained their mastery in detailing throughout the years. This does not only make the Sligh grandfather clock a decoration for the house but something you can be proud of and share with your friends and family. It might even be an heirloom that you can pass on, generation after generation.

Sligh grandfather clocks are more than just keepers of time. They are marvellous timepieces that will play a part in anybody's home and will reflect the character of yourself and your family. They represents the traditions and beliefs of your family. Tradition begins when you purchase your very own Sligh grandfather clock.